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  • [Due Dates Vary] Share Your Student Academic Achievement Information
    In order to accommodate the varied assessment landscape and contexts we have updated the due dates for student achievement information. Please see the information below regarding an updated timeline for your context. If you are wondering what academic information you should submit, please refer to this guidance. When you are ready to submit your academic achievement information, please share it at this link.

  • [Past Due] Grades 3 - 12: Administer and Upload Your Student Surveys
    All teachers teaching 3rd through 12th grade will administer their beginning of year student survey that measures students’ current perceptions of themselves around their growth mindset, self-efficacy, self-awareness and social awareness. Identify a time between now and October 21st to administer the survey and use these administration directions for step by step directions to administer and upload the surveys to QuickKey. Afterwards, complete this Student Survey Reflection Guide and send your responses to Step 6 to your TFA Coach. If you have any questions, please reach out to your TFA Coach or Chrissy Gratz at christine.gratz@teachforamerica.org.

  • [Resource] Student Survey Resource for DL (Grades 3-5)
    If you are a Diverse Learning Educator teaching grades 3-5 and find that the student survey is not meeting your students’ needs, please review this guidance for some potential other opportunities to support your students social-emotional development.

  • [Resource] SEL for K-2
    If you are a K-2 teacher and you would like to gauge your students’ self-perceptions around their own social-emotional development you can use this survey as a resource. Please note, these questions were made by TFA Chicago-Northwest Indiana and corps members. Thus, this survey is not considered a validated instrument.


  • None.

1CM Events

  • Optional: [11/3] TFAmily Time, 3 - 5 PM 

    Come one to our TFamily time hosted by TFA staff members Wisam Fillo, Mary Nikoo, Rachel Langnas, and Mariam Qayumi. The event will be two hours of food, conversations, and work time if you so choose. Want to attend? RSVP here by Friday 11/1.

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