Welcome to your 1CM page! This is a place to find action items, events, and progress to goal specific to the 1CM experience. It's also where you'll find links to your coach corners, where you can find content specific to your cohort!



  • [1/11] Learning Community Pre Work

    In preparation for Learning Communities on 1/15 please:

    1.  Record and upload your teaching video that demonstrates either constructivism (gen ed) or differentiation (DL) to this link by January 11th. Reach out to your Learning Community Facilitator or Chrissy (christine.gratz@teachforamerica.org) if you have any questions. You can access a parent video release waiver here.

    2.  Review this document for more information about the breakouts happening during Learning Communities in January.

  • [1/18] Take the Mid-Year Survey

    The Mid-Year Survey has launched! Marcil sent you an email on January 4th with more details - including your unique code and the survey link. The Mid-Year survey gives us valuable insight into your corps experience and it should only take 10-15 minutes to complete. We ask that you complete the survey by Friday, January 18th.  If you submit by Monday, January 14th you will be entered into a raffle for a Starbucks drink (total of 10 winners) at the February 9th Leadership Summit!

  • [2/11] Grades 3 - 12 - Administer and Upload Your Student Surveys

    All teachers teaching 3rd through 12th grade will administer their middle of year student survey that measures students’ current perceptions of themselves around their growth mindset, self-efficacy, and social awareness. Identify a time between now and 2/11 to administer the survey and use this Student Survey Overview document for step by step directions to administer and upload the surveys to QuickKey. If you have any questions, please reach out to your TFA Coach or Chrissy Gratz at christine.gratz@teachforamerica.org.

  • [2/11] Share Your Student Academic Achievement Information

    Please be sure to upload your Middle of Year student academic achievement information by taking this survey. For example, if you submitted your students SAT scores at the start of the year, you should now submit their middle of year progress. Or, if you shared your students reading grade levels at the start of the year, you should now share their progress for the middle of the year. If you have questions about what information to submit you can refer to this video that was shared at the start of the year or reach out to your TFA Coach.

  • [2/15] AmeriCorps Members: Reminder to complete your Mid-Year Evaluation

    The form was sent to your email on Monday, January 14 from americorps.chicago@teachforamerica.org. The access code is Chicago-Northwest Indiana. This form is a requirement to receive an education award at the end of the year so don’t delay!


  • Visit this CM Tracker for information about your attendance and deliverables completion throughout this year.

1CM Events

  • 1/15 Learning Community, Session 3.

  • For events for all first years please refer to the 1CM Overview. If you are unable to attend one of the required events (noted in the 1CM Overview) please fill out this Excused Absence Request Form.

Learning Communities


  • Tuesday, January 15th

  • Location: KIPP Bloom - 5515 S Lowe Ave, Chicago, IL 60621

  • Time: Snacks provided from 5:15 - 5:50, Learning Communities begin right at 6:00 PM