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Action Items


  • Don't Forget to Report Your Education Award On Your Taxes 2016 AmeriCorps Members: If you used all or part of your education award during 2017, you must include the portion of the award that was used as taxable income when you file your 2017 taxes. To find out more about taxes on your education award, please reference this one-pager.

2CM Events

  • 3/19 or 3/22 - March 2CM Development Session from 6 - 8 PM @ TFA Office
  • Saturday April 21st - 2CM Capstone Symposium - 9-1 PM @ TFA Office
  • Friday May 18th - Alumni Induction - School of the Art Institute - 7-11 PM
  • For events for all first years and the full corps, click here

Coach Corner

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Progress to Goal

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