Alumni Leadership Team Vision, Purpose & Charge



We believe that all children in Chicago and Northwest Indiana deserve to have access to an excellent education and that our alumni team can play a role in reaching  this reality if we empower, connect, and elevate our alumni network of 3000 leaders to access one another, roles, and development opportunities and programming to deepen their understanding and impact in the region.

Additionally we support corps members in developing the perspective and skill required to imagine and enact a more equitable education for students-starting tin their classroom and school and extends to all sectors and fields.


Purpose & Charge

As an alumni leadership team our charge and purpose to reach this vision is threefold:

Empower- we ensure that our alumni have an understanding of the landscape, the unique needs and challenges in our context, and that they have clarity on the pathways that exist and are empowered to connect this to their role in the movement.  We do this by offering supports to further our alumni’s ability to develop and live into their theory of change. Specifically, we focus in on:

  1. Landscape & Learnings Sessions & Experiences (panels, ted talks, policy chats)

  2. Exposure and Theory of Change Events & Programming (work on purpose, theory of change coaching)

  3. Pathway and Pipeline Resources and Experiences (career pathing, information sessions)

  4. Impact Spotlights & Celebrations (awards, communications)

Connect- we will increase the access our alumni have to one another and leaders and partners in our city. We believe we can play a role in creating the infrastructures and experiences for alumni to maximize access and impact. Specifically, we focus in on:

  1. Virtual connections (i.e. Slack, Connect BETA, Facebook)

  2. Alumni-wide connectivity events and programming

  3. Network Cohorts and Coalitions (CLNs, PLCs)

Elevate- we will create and provide pathways, accelerator programs, and placement supports that allow our alumni to advance their ability to obtain roles in the education space in Chicago and Northwest Indiana. Specifically, we focus in on:

  1. Leadership Development Programs (accelerator fellowships, certification programs, workshops)

  2. Talent Matching/Career Programming (career fair, vacancy trackers, hiring manager partnerships)