Apply to 2020 Elevate Fellowship


The Elevate: Executive Org Leader Fellowship Application consists of an online application and two forms of recommendation. We want this application to give us detailed insight into applicants’ drive to be an org leader, their motivation and interest in participating in this fellowship, and their commitment to making an impact in Chicago-Northwest Indiana. This application will be live in Late December.

What are we trying to solve for with this fellowship?

We want this fellowship to act as a springboard for our diverse, passionate alumni leaders into positions of power, opportunity, and access within our community. We want to act as a funnel for these outstanding individuals to help build the bench for senior and executive level leadership at mission-aligned and ed-adjacent organizations. Through this fellowship we hope to increase the effectiveness of leadership, develop these leaders in their ability to lead with integrity, and increase connectivity of our existing and future leaders.

Application Logistics:

This application is comprised of multiple choice questions, short answer, and extended response questions. If you are someone who feels more comfortable sharing your answers verbally, we will also accept video or voice recordings for the questions below. Please fill out the top part and then write "Recording" for Short Answer/Extended Response questions. If you choose to do the video or voice recording, please email the recording to angela.baker@teachforamerica.org.

Additionally, we ask for 2 people to fill out a Recommendation Form for you. One of the people needs to be your direct manager. .

Want to prepare your short answer questions ahead of time? Feel free to click here to review them.

The application WILL LAUNCH IN DECEMBER 2020


Email Angela Baker if you are interested in learning more!