Onboarding Communication &

Action Items Systems

Below are the different communication channels and action tracking system we will use during Onboarding to build community, keep track of actions and support one another. 



Slack community

This platform will be used as our online community, will house Onboarding announcements and updates, as well as be a place to crowdsource support while building relationships. 

Like a huge group chat, our Slack community will allow us to have easier access to one another in order to build the community and culture we want to have prior to us meeting in person at Summer Training. All corps members are required to join Slack.


GOOgle Classroom

Each corps member will have their own Google Classroom Account. The Google Classroom will be the place where you can see action items and when they are due, submit them upon completion, and track what still needs to be done.   All corps members will receive their Google Classroom information during the Intro to Systems Webinar after confirmation.


transition blasts 

This is the monthly newsletter you'll receive on Sundays. It will house reminders on action items and will also include pieces from the community (alumni, current corps members, students, etc.) in video or article format. These newsletters are required reading in order for you to stay up-to-date on what's happening.

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Onboarding hub

The Onboarding Hub is the information center of your Onboarding Process. It’s where you can find more details about licensure, hiring, or getting ready for Summer Training. If you have a question, check the Onboarding Hub first!

summary: what system should i use and when?

google classroom

  • I need to submit an action item

  • I want to check my progress on completing Onboarding tasks


  • I want to reach out to a staff member with a question

  • I want to share a resource

  • I want to connect with other Corps Members

onboarding hub

  • I can find information on licensure, financial aid, or hiring

  • I can see who’s on the Onboarding Team and what role they play in my Onboarding

transition blasts

  • I’ll read a monthly update on what’s happening in Chicago-Northwest Indiana

  • I’ll see what’s coming up for my Onboarding process and what to expect