Action items

*Upcoming Events: January 15th Learning Communities

Monday, January 21 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

  1. Record and upload your teaching video that demonstrates

    either constructivism (gen ed) or differentiation (DL) to this link by January 11th.

  2. Complete Mid-Year Survey [JAN 18]

    Link sent to your email

  3. Submit Student Data [FEB 22]

    Submission Survey Link

    Watch this webinar on submitting data for more information

    Student Achievement Trackers can be found here.

  4. Schedule and meet up for Middle of Year check in with me

Resource Spotlight

CPS REACH Observations and Framework : At a Glance

CPS Framework for Teaching PDF

Achievement First Curriculum *

EngageNY Curriculum

Teaching Channel *

Common Core Standards

Progressions for Common Core Math

Student Center Activities (ELA)

Daily CAFE (ELA centers)

Math Daily 3 Centers Model

Science + Social Studies

NewsELA *

National Geographic

IDNR Teacher Kits


NWEA Growth Fact Sheet

NWEA Grade Level Norms

Achievement Network (ANET)

STEP - U of Chicago

PARCC Practice Tests

Software and Applications

Showbie KhanAcademy Epic! Books

IXL Educreations Zearn

Diverse Learning Tools

Communication Board Reproducible

Behavior Tracking Chart

Family Resource Center on Disabilities

(based in Chicago provides IEP support for parents)

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Check Slack Channel for most up to date information

Check Slack Channel for most up to date information