Coach Corner: Chrissy Gratz

Greetings everyone! Please review the action items below and plan accordingly! Also, be sure to check out the updated shout outs! 

Action Items

Please see all past due and current action items HERE. As always, reach out with any questions or concerns! 


P.e.d.a.l. on







Shout Outs

  • To Kevin for having OVER 40 parents come to Parent Teacher Conferences/Report Card Pickup. The amount of work he does behind the scenes to build relationships with families and influencers is inspiring and it's definitely paying off! #strengthen community 
  • To Lisa for taking it upon herself to research and discover the application processes at different high schools all over the south and southwest side in order to support her students as they all transition to new high schools because of the many of the high schools closing in Englewood. #pursueequity #achieveimpact
  • To Lizzy for literally being one of the most flexible humans I know. She's had her fair share of changes at her school and in her role as a Diverse Learning Educator, but she doesn't let that stop her from getting it ALL done at the same time. #demonstrateresilience 

Check out the cool vocabulary wall Becca Gorlin has in her classroom below! Students make them and it's hung on sheet protectors and little hooks. That way, they can be easily interchanged with new words for new units. 


Resource Spotlight

Teach For America Teaching Communities are a collection of content-specific online forums moderated by an online content coach. During the school year, the TFA Teaching Communities provide new and early career teachers access to:

  • a network of teacher members,
  • monthly blasts with content relevant resources, and
  • self-paced learning modules

Linked below are some of the communities that may be relevant for our cohort. I HIGHLY suggest you check these out. By visiting the "resource" page of some of these sites I was able to pull up final exams, example labs/activities, and many other resources! 

Special Education community led by Jessica Reisfelt

High School Math community led by Kelly Boles

Middle School Math community led by Jennifer Anthony

Physics/Earth Science community led by Andrea Janssen

Chemistry community led by Katherine Aughenbaugh

Biology and Life Sciences community led by Sage O’Toole

Middle School Science community led by Katherine Aughenbaugh

English Language Arts community led by Jeremy Gray

Social Studies community led by a variety of moderators