Coach Corner: Quiaria Asiedu

Welcome to our Cohort Corner (I will rename once we choose a cohort name). This is where you will come to stay up to date on all things pertaining to our cohort. Below I will provide you all with pertinent information as well as shout-outs and pictures from group events or your classrooms. My hope is that this space will become your one stop shop for all things 1 CM. 

Below you'll see a folder that has your name on it. This is where you will upload all of your documents and videos of your classroom over the course of the year! 


Coming Soon....


Shout Outs


  • Phylicia Spears for highlighting student achievements on the daily, weekly and monthly basis through her "Reach for the Stars" bulletin board outside of her classroom!
  • Cynthia Guillory for being SUPER consistent with expectations and not being afraid to do it again when it needs to be done right!
  • CPS and AUSL teachers for completing their first week of school! 
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Resource Spotlight

  • Looking to submit your culture plan? Click here!
  • Resources shared in strong start sessions can be found here!
  • Looking for cheap items to fill your treasure bin? Click here!
  • Using engage NY for math? Stuck on how to teach a lesson? Watch Mr. Habecker do it first!
  • Looking for other resources? Try Teachers Pay Teachers (don't forget to filter for free items)!

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