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Coach Corner: Rachel Langnas

Welcome to our cohort page! I am thrilled to have this space to to share fun and important cohort information. We still need a team name... (Rachel's Rascals is cute but we need more suggestions)

Cohort Vision

We are leaders and teachers who are diverse in many ways and are committed to empowering students. We are uniquely positioned to disrupt inequality through a DL lens, to promote relationship building with social and emotional skills so students are prepared to be successful in the future.


Shout Outs

  • Audrey for creating a cohort google doc to share and add resources!
  • Daniella for advocating to get more art for her Kindergarten students!
  • Mike for having his classroom positive incentives and consequences clearly posted in his room (see pic below) 
  • Tess and Maddy for fully living into co-teaching and creating their culture plan together! 
  • To everyone for all officially TEACHING!!!!!

Resource Spotlight

Looking to submit your culture plan? Click here

Still Need to add your info to info grab? Click here

Still need to add your schedule to master doc? Click here

Looking for cheap items to fill your treasure bin? Click here!

Teach For America Teaching Communities are a collection of content-specific online forums moderated by an online content coach. During the school year, the TFA Teaching Communities provide new and early career teachers access to:

  • a network of teacher members,
  • monthly blasts with content relevant resources, and
  • self-paced learning modules

Linked below are some of the communities that may be relevant for our cohort. I HIGHLY suggest you check these out. ! 

Special Education Community

3-5 Grade Math, Sci, & ELA

PreK-2nd Grade


Equity Matters: Engaging Families Through Home Visits

A Math Framework for Multiple Grade Levels

What I Wish I'd Known as a New Teacher

Teachers Need to Follow their Own Rules

MIike's Incentives and Consequences 

MIike's Incentives and Consequences 

Phoebe-  UChicago Woodlawn

Phoebe- UChicago Woodlawn

Phil-  Horizon Science Academy Southwest

Phil- Horizon Science Academy Southwest