Emergency Info

Personal Health, Safety & Wellness

Your safety, and the safety of our students, is of the utmost importance during the summer. Please reference this page safety and emergency procedures, as well as resources for mental health and wellness.


general emergency policies

We want to make sure that all staff and Corps Members are prepared in case of an emergency. Please review our Emergency Response one-pager to make sure you know what to do in case of evacuation, illness, or a mental health crisis.

For all incidents, whether an emergency or minor, we ask that all staff complete the Summer Incident Survey so Teach For America is aware of what’s happening at Summer Training. If you’re experiencing an emergency please be sure to call 911 or the campus police. Once your situation has been resolved please fill out the Incident Survey. We use this form to inform our risk and compliance work, as well as to follow-up and make sure our members’ well-being is taken care of.

university site emergency logistics

All Corps Members will be at the Illinois Institute of Technology at some point during the summer, whether you’re living there or attending sessions during Induction Week. It’s incredibly important that you have access to the emergency response plans for IIT to guarantee everyone’s safety and well-being.

Please review the documents below to make sure you’re prepared for any situation this summer. Teach For America will provide mandatory trainings around emergency procedures so be on the lookout for that!

personal health, safety, and wellness

More information to come!

school emergency logistics

Student, staff, and Corps Member safety is our first priority while at our school sites. We’ll have drills throughout the summer but we want to make sure you have all of the emergency response logistics for your school site. Please take the time to read through the Emergency Logistics for the school sites where you’ll be teaching and having any professional developments.

Chavez Logistics Presentation

North Lawndale College Prep Logistics Presentation

Urban Prep Logistics Presentation

Hamline Logistics Presentation

Chicago Commons Logistics Presentation

required corps member emergency response & mental health trainings- due by tuesday, june 18

Watch the Corps Member Mental Health training and complete the Check for Understanding by Tuesday, June 18.

Watch the Corps Member Emergency Response training and complete the Check for Understanding by Tuesday, June 18.

Note: There is a specific Check for Understanding for the Emergency Response Training and a specific Check for Understanding for the Mental Health Training. You need to complete both Checks for Understanding! They’re both linked directly above. Questions? Reach out to Steven!