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This is the spot to find all of the information about living at Illinois Institute of Technology this summer. We’ll continue to update this page throughout spring and summer 2019.

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mccormick student village- 3241 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60616


IIT Resources

Check out the resources below about living at IIT this summer. Information provided includes building features for the McCormick Student Village, meal times, laundry, and pictures of the rooms.

You will be living on the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology at the McCormick Student Village (3241 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60616). Below you can find out information on living accommodations at MCV.  

McCormick Student Village (MSV) is a complex of student resident halls on Main Campus. There are six halls that house about 700 students in what is referred to as "communal-style living" — each floor shares their restrooms.  Each hall has its own social center and study hall—so you can socialize, study or head to the Center Lounge to relax, unwind, or find a quiet place to concentrate on tomorrow's assignment. Residents on each floor typically set their own study hours and quiet times, and agree on other guidelines for conduct. Leaders from each hall belong to the Residence Hall Association (RHA), which helps organize intramural sports, concert outings, coffee houses, film screenings, and other social activities. Take a virtual tour here!

Parking at IIT: Parking will cost $45 a week which comes $270 for the duration of the summer. Parking will need to be purchased from IIT on their website. You will have received an email from IIT at the end of May to set-up your parking.


  • Entrance through central doors, staffed 24 hours a day by community desk assistants

  • Corps Members will receive  student IDs both to enter through the front door and to pass the front desk

  • Lounges on each floor and between halls

  • Resident room sizes are approximately equal except in Fowler Hall, which has substantially bigger rooms allotted for upperclassmen

  • All rooms have central air except for Fowler Hall

  • Most rooms are set up as doubles, with two desks, two chairs, two beds, four dressers, and two T3 Internet connections

  • Laundry and fitness facilities are available in the basement using the student IDs Corps Members receive. Washing machines are $1.25 per load and dryers are $1.00 per load

  • All rooms have cable TV access

Each room comes completely furnished, with a desk, study chair, dresser, twin extra-long mattress, and frame for each resident. See below for pictures

See here for a recommended Packing List this summer.


You have 2 meals, lunch and dinner, from IIT each day. See below for dining hall hours and specific meal instructions.

Dinners are in the cafeteria in McCormick Tribune Campus Center (3201 S. State St.) which is directly across the street from McCormick Student Village. You can enter the doors to the MTCC on Wabash Ave. From that entrance the Commons is located to the right. This is where you’ll eat dinner. See here for a map of what that looks like. See here for a list of restaurants near MSV.

There’s a 7/11 open 24 hours in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center.

  • Breakfast- Corps Members will receive a breakfast stipend the first week of Summer Training. The stipend is worth $420 (about $10 per day) to help Corps Members cover the cost of breakfast. You should not use your ID card to get breakfast from the cafeteria!

  • Lunch- Corps Members will be able to pick up a bagged lunch from the lobby in McCormick Student Village before they leave for the school site in the morning. It is up to Corps Members to remember to pick up their bagged lunch on time.

  • Dinner: Corps Members will be able to eat dinner in IIT’s cafeteria in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center (across the student from McCormick Student Village) using their student ID card. Dinner will be available from 4:30-6pm.

  • Weekend Meals: Corps Members will have 2 meals each weekend day in the IIT cafeteria using their student ID card. Lunch will be served on weekends from 11:00am-1:30pm and dinner will be served on weekends from 4:30-6:00pm.

The McCormick Tribune Campus Center shall be open for use by Corps Members between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 12:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and from 6:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

IIT Policies and Procedures

Corps Members may have short-term visitors stay in the IIT dorms for no more than 3 days at a time over a 2 week span. Short-term visitors will not have access to the IIT meal plan and will have to pay for meals on their own ($14.75 per meal)

Corps Members may have long-term guests stay in the IIT dorms for at least 4 consecutive days. Long-term visitors must be a family member or relation of a Corps Member. Long-term visitors may purchase a Hawk Card (IIT ID card) for $14.00. Corps Members must make Teach For America aware of any long-term visitors in advance of their stay.

Animals are not allowed in residence hall buildings, however exceptions are made for service animals assisting individuals with disabilities and emotional support animals (ESAs). For Corps Members who plan to bring ESAs, they must complete the required documentation, which includes executing the Emotional Support Animal Accommodation Agreement, providing a current prescription from his/her treating health care provider documenting the disability and certifying that the ESA provides emotional support that alleviates one or more of the identified symptoms or effects of the disability, and provide a current original certification from the ESA’s licensed veterinarian that the ESA’s health and temperament are suitable to live in a university residence hall, the ESA is current on all vaccinations and is on a wellness program, and the ESA is not infected with external parasites (ticks, fleas or lice) and is free from any signs of infection.  The certification from the licensed veterinarian must also include information regarding any aggressive tendencies or behavior that would prohibit the ESA’s interaction with other individuals and/or children on campus. The Corps Member is responsible for the good health, clean up care, and control of the ESA. If the ESA is or becomes in ill health or exhibits violent or disruptive behavior, the Corps Members may be asked for the animal to be removed from IIT.

The first ID card that Corps Members receive will be free. Any replacement cards that need to be made will cost the Corps Member $20.00.

Click through the gallery below of IIT’s campus!

IIT Roommate assignments

Steven sent out roommate assignments on Thursday, 5/30. Feel free to connect with your roommate before Summer Training begins!