New Leaders

New Leaders develops talented educators into transformational leaders who can drive great teaching and high academic achievement across whole schools. New Leaders has created a three-year leadership pathway that starts by expanding the leadership skills of high-performing teachers and other instructional leaders, moves onto a best-in-class principal training program and finishes with a program that supports principals in their first years on the job. All programs combine a rigorous, research-based curriculum with ample opportunity for participants to practice new concepts and skills in their schools. They are also informed by more than a decade of leadership development – and are designed, first and foremost, to help leaders get strong results for students.

Program Description

Emerging Leaders Program
The Emerging Leaders Program pushes and stretches participants as leaders. They engage in challenging assignments, and they are asked to continuously reflect on themselves and show evidence of how they are improving their practice. The program asks a lot of participants but offers a tremendous opportunity to grow as a leader. 

Participants take part in a series of activities and recurring monthly meetings as outlined below:

  • A summer induction session and data-driven instruction intensive

  • Monthly national webinars

  • Monthly local in-person sessions

  • Four applied learning assignments

  • Ongoing video-taping leadership practice in action for sharing and feedback

  • Ongoing formal and informal learning meetings to gauge progress

At the end of the program, participants will be ready to succeed in a variety of leadership roles within their school, district or charter management organization. New Leaders staff will provide deep feedback to participants on their future development as leaders and on their readiness to enter into the Aspiring Principals Program.

Aspiring Principals Program
The training program is based on a rigorous curriculum focused on best practices and the latest research as well as a full school year of on-the-job training. There are three major components to our program:

  • Local program- the majority of learning during the program takes place in our program cities, where Residents take on leadership roles in their placement sites and engage in coursework with local staff and seasoned New Leaders in their area

  • National seminars – Residents gather as a national cohort for 1-2 weeks during the summer, fall and spring to learn from experts in the field and from other aspiring school leaders across the country

  • Virtual learning – trainings held through our online webinars provide national content and resources to Residents while also allowing them to learn on their own time throughout the year

Residents learn about the key competencies of transformational principals, such as:

  • Diagnosing a school and building a first-year action plan

  • Using data to drive instructional improvement

  • Aligning staff and building school teams

  • Creating a school culture of high expectations

  • Developing personal leadership skills

These courses are mapped directly to the Urban Excellence FrameworkTM—our research-based guide of the leadership actions taken by successful principals that drive teacher effectiveness and student learning.

Program Requirements

Emerging Leaders Program

  • Minimum Teaching Experience: Four years of teaching experience or equivalent (unless program location requires additional years of experience – see below for additional information)

  • Education: Master's Degree conferred by June 2017

Aspiring Principals Program

  • Minimum Teaching Experience: Five years of teaching experience or equivalent (unless program location requires additional years of experience – see below for additional information)

  • Education: Master's Degree

Application Requirements

  • Registration:

    • Registration Form

    • Nomination Form

  • Application

  • Background Information Form

  • Student Achievement Results Activity: The Student Achievement Results Activity asks candidates to provide specific data on the measurable student results achieved in the classroom from the past three years and reflect on their results.

  • Instruction Activity: The Instruction Activity asks candidates to analyze curricular materials and student data to plan for and deliver high-quality instruction.

  • Problem of Practice Activity: Candidates that are selected to move forward in the admissions process for both programs* will complete the Problem of Practice Activity, where they will read a scenario about a fictional school and respond to a series of questions.

  • Possible Phone Interview: Some candidates moving forward in our admissions process for both leadership development programs may be asked to complete a phone interview. Being asked to complete this activity will not be based on performance on the previous activities.

  • Finalist Selection Day(APP only): The final stage in the admissions process for the Aspiring Principals Program is Finalist Selection Day, an in-person interview with New Leaders staff.

Application Faqs

New Leaders program participants are current teachers and teacher leaders, former teachers turned who left the classroom to work in the private or non-profit sector but want to return to a school, and everything in between. Participants have diverse backgrounds and expertise areas. All successful candidates to our Emerging Leaders and Aspiring Principals Programs have an unwavering focus and relentless drive to ensure high academic achievement for students in poverty and students of color. Additionally, participants have a record of success when teaching in a K-12 classroom. Aspiring Principals Program Residents also have the right disposition to lead other adults. Successful candidates meet the New Leaders Selection Standards.

You will be asked about your program preference on the Background Information Form. We will consider your preference, but will also take into account your baseline eligibility criteria and your performance on the Admissions Activities that you complete as part of the application when determining your admissions pathway in cases where both the Emerging Leaders and Aspiring Principals Programs are offered. In regions where Leading Instruction is offered,applicants to our other programs may also be matched to that program based on their background, interests, and individual development needs.

The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to set participants up for success in a variety of leadership roles within their school, district, or charter management organization. New Leaders staff provide deep feedback to participants on their development as leaders and on their readiness to take the next step in their leadership. Staff members in each program location will look at participant assignments to determine readiness and make recommendations for the Aspiring Principals Program in regions where both programs are offered. Current Emerging Leaders Program participants should not apply to the Aspiring Principals Program.

Upon successful completion of the Residency year and additional city-specific requirements, most New Leaders receive formal certification and licensure as administrators in their respective states.

In most cases, Aspiring Principals Program sites have either a university partner that recognizes the Aspiring Principals Program coursework or have been formally approved by the city and/or state as a certifying program. In many cases, we have mapped our curriculum to state standards. If you successfully complete the requirements of the Aspiring Principals Program, including but not limited to the Residency, assignments, assessments, and in-person sessions, as well as any additional requirements of your state such as assessments or additive coursework, you will be eligible for certification.

It is the responsibility of each New Leader to confirm that he or she has completed the requirements for certification in his or her respective state. Only the applicable state agency can grant certification, and New Leaders therefore cannot guarantee you certification even upon successful completion of the Aspiring Principals Program. For more information, please contact our local program offices.