Noble Fellowship

As Noble continues to grow in size and impact, they are in search of 1-2 Principal Residents to spend a planning year learning from Noble’s top leaders and then found a  new Noble campus as a founding principal in 2017.

Noble Principal Residents Must:

  1. Be relentless.

  2. Be able to articulate a vision for excellence and do whatever it takes to achieve it.

  3. Be able to recruit and hire talented, dedicated, mission-driven people and lead a team.

  4. Be a culture builder with high expectations for student behavior.

  5. Be able to handle high-pressure decision-making and the intensity that comes with the job.

  6. Be able to navigate uncertainty, operate with autonomy, and deliver in a results-oriented environment.

  7. Be dedicated to ensuring all students graduate with the skills and behaviors necessary to succeed in college and to live exemplary lives.

  8. Be Noble.

Although the ideal Principal Resident candidate has both classroom teaching and leadership/management experience with evidence of results, we are always looking for great people who may be new to high schools, new to leadership, or new to education but have a history of achievement (regardless of field) and want to join a high-performing team that is making deep and lasting change for students and families Chicago.

Application Process

  • All candidates should apply online at

  • The application for Principal Residency opens on December 1, 2016; interviews and decisions will continue on a rolling basis.


Noble’s salary compensation for Principal Residents (and principals) is among the highest in the field. Principal Residents receive Noble’s competitive benefits package.