Be in the know on all things Summer Training! Your development as a teacher is dependent on your ability to stay organized and meet requirements. Check out the Schedules, School Info, and Assignments tabs for the information you'll need to stay up-to-date. 

To prepare to come to Summer Training, check out the Summer Training Manual. Specifically, check out the Appendix on the last page for a recommended packing list, technology to bring, and a link to the recorded Summer Training Webinar. 

Corps members are expected to attend every day of Summer Training.  In rare/emergency situations or extremely compelling personal situations, corps members may apply for up to one absence.  Please read the Corps Member Leave Request Policy and if you need to request an excused absence, complete the survey inside.

Do you know someone, such as your principal, who would like to visit your classroom at Summer Training? Please have them read the Summer Training Visitor Guide and complete the Summer Training Visitor Request Survey so the Operations team can coordinate their visit. Questions? Reach out to Sasha Fawaz on Slack or at