Master Checklist



The "Master Check List" let's you know all action items that need to be completed between now and the first day of Summer Training. Your Transition Blasts and Actions by Cohort pages have your specific due dates associated with each item; however you can use the list below to help cross check your progress and ensure you are on track to teach by the first day of school.

licensure action items


  • Identify if you are a Basic Skills tester and, if applicable, upload your Basic Skills Exempt screenshot to your Google folder. If you are NOT EXEMPT reach out to Lauren immediately via direct message in Slack

  • Read about your University Partner and surface any questions you may have. 

  • Review your "Action Items by Cohort" list and internalize when your specific actions items are due. 

  • Register for your ELIS Account (if you are teaching in Illinois) and complete the confirmation of registration form. 

  • Chicago Basic Skills Exempt CMs only | Send your Basic Skills exempt scores to ISBE. If you are teaching in Indiana or taking the Basic Skills exam you DO NOT need to take this step. 

  • Register for your Content Exam and upload your registration screen shot to your Google folder.

  • Take your Content Exam and upload your "unofficial pass" scores to your Google folder.

  • Upload your "Official Content Pass" score PDF to your Google folder.

  • Read the Transcript Policy and take action as needed.

  • Apply to Relay (disregard if you are teaching in NWI or already certified)

  • Chicago Basic Skills Exempt CMs Only | 4 weeks after submitting your ACT/SAT scores to ISBE check your ELIS account and submit a screen shot documenting your Basic Skills Exempt scores have reached ISBE. Upload a screenshot of your ELIS account documenting scores were recieved to your Google folder. If you do not see them reach out to Lauren immediately via direct message in Slack. 


  1. Apply to your University Partner (they will send you an email with your application directly).

  2. Register for your LVIS account (if you are teaching in Indiana).

  3. Send all transcripts to your University Partner (including any/all transfer credits). If you will not have your degree confirmed transcripts until June or July please reach out to Lauren via direct message in Slack.

  4. NWI CMs Only | Complete your CPR certification and Suicide Prevention Training. Upload documentation of completion to your Google folder. Read more about your licensure process here

  5. Basic Skills Testers Only | Continue to test and work with Lauren to ensure you understand all your supports/risks and next steps before summer training . 

hiring action items

  1. Submit your resume.  Please use the Resume Guide here to ensure you've updated your University Partner (with TFA), have included your Summer Training Experience, and have included the correct phone number.  

  2. Complete the Interviewing with Cultural Competence Reflection.  See the guidance here.

  3. Attend an Interview Experience 101 Webinar (about 2-3 weeks prior to the Interview Experiences).

summer training action items

February through may

  1. Watch the Summer Training MicroLearning Videos and complete the accountability quiz

    Release Schedule:

    -February 22: Why Summer Training?

    -March 15: What is Summer Training Part 1 & 2

    -April 1: Life @ Summer Training

    -May 15: How to Prepare for Summer Training, Summer Training Tips & Tricks

  2. Complete the Summer Training Survey (coming April 2019)

  3. Complete the Chicago Public Schools Summer School Student Teaching Survey (coming April 2019)

  4. Complete the Stipend Promissory Note (coming May 2019)

  1. Complete the Criminal History Check Authorization Form (coming April 2019)

  2. Complete the FBI Check (coming April 2019)

Americorps action items