Middle School Science Content Exam (203)





If you have been assigned to teach Middle School Science your exam is called: Middle Grades Science 203 (Grades 5-8). Your 203 exam is a computer-based test that you can take at a Testing location near you (aka- you don't need to be in Chicago). Most corps members assigned to this content area express some nervousness about this exam because it may include content and information in which you have very limited knowledge. However, with dedicated study time (and proactive outreach for support) we see approximately 98% of corps members pass this exam.


  • This exam is computer-based (you can take it from a testing center anywhere in the US and some international locations).

  • This exam costs $122.

  • If you fail, you can retake this exam. However, you must wait 30 days before re-testing.

study tips

  • Use the ILTS Study Guide (located below). Our 2019 Corps Members said this was the most helpful study resource!

  • Carve out time to study and honor that time on your calendar. What does this mean? Make sure you are dedicating real time to studying - if you put a 2 hour block on your calendar then prioritize that commitment (don't schedule over it). On average 98% of folks that studied for at least 5 hours passed this exam.

  • Work together, you are a team! Reach out to each other (and the Onboarding Team) via the #licensure Slack Channel if you need support or have questions!

  • Have compassion for yourself and for others. Sometimes even our best-laid plans have to change because life happens and testing cannot always be a priority. We understand that and are here for you. If you need to change your test date or ask for an extension just reach out to Steven via a direct message in Slack.

Content specific resources

Illinois State Board of Education Test Prep (#1 Recommended):

Additional Resources:

organization and time management RESOURCES

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