the basics

  • 2 year program

  • Master's Degree required

  • AmeriCorps Accepted

  • license received transferable to other states 

  • Classes held in Chicago, 40% online and 60% in person

  • Application/enrollment begins Spring 2019

  • Educator License with Stipulations achieved August 2019

Get to Know Relay

Wonder what being a Relay Graduate Student is like? Click the video below to hear the perspectives of current corps members and learn about Relay's unique "Learn, Practice, Perform" approach to accelerating your development as a teacher leader:

Sample 2 Year Program Overview

frequency of courses during the first year:

  • In-person core classes about 2 weeknights per month*

  • Online content classes about 2 weeknights per month*

  • Diverse Learning CMs: You will have an in-person content session held on Saturday approximately 2x per term during your first year

*number of nights per month can vary depending on term

high level overview of the program

Relay Day in the Life.JPG


Classes are held 40% online and 60% in person. Relay is still finalizing their "in person" space this year as they work with local schools to host classes. The map below shows the location of their home office.



  • $9,000 per year

  • The above cost represents your out-of-pocket yearly tuition pre-AmeriCorps award. If you are eligible for the AmeriCorps award you will be able to apply that towards your tuition to significantly reduce the out of pocket cost. For example: in 2016 corps members who received the AmeriCorps award paid, on average, $3,500 per year (once the award amount was applied).

Application Process

  • November-January: Read about Relay on the hub, ask the Onboarding team questions.

  • February: The Relay Application will be released to you via email. The application process takes 1-2 hours and will include (but is not limited to) sending in transcripts, entering demographic information and a short essay response. Teach For America will send Letters of Recommendation on your behalf. You cannot begin the application process until you receive the official email from Relay GSE.

  • March-May: Your Relay application is due. You will be assigned a specific due date when you receive your application email in February. You cannot attend Summer Training if your application is incomplete.

  • June-July: Complete Relay Summer Training Coursework (this will be built in to your Summer Training experience).

  • August: Fall semester begins (official first day of Fall classes will be released by Relay during your Orientation at Summer Training).