Rowe Elementary School

Relay Graduate School of Education and Rowe Elementary School have launched a partnership to offer aspiring and novice teachers an opportunity to receive high-quality teacher training and practice, while gaining a Master of Arts in Teaching and Illinois teaching licensure.

This two-year teacher residency is designed for recent graduates and career changers as an innovative pathway into the teaching profession. This residency encompasses best practices with hands-on experience, and one-on-one coaching with a mentor teacher. In addition to coaching from the assigned mentor teacher, residents will be included in all professional development and evaluative programs within the school community.

Learn more about Relay Graduate Schools of Education program at http://www.relay.edu/relay-teaching-residency.


Fellowships and Awards for Teachers

Check out other local organizations that provide fellowships and awards to teachers here.


HowDoWe, Inc.'s newest product, HowToFund, is a fundraising product that provides school administrators, teachers, PTO organizations, and students a centralized platform for all their fundraising needs. We build a custom fundraising platform catered towards your school/district that allows community members to quickly and easily contribute to fundraising projects, has built-in social media sharing tools, and tracks and records donor information for record keeping purposes. Want to learn more or request a demo of our fundraising product? Please contact bletzter@howdowe.org.

Please feel free to reach out to Brian or Mike at any time and we look forward to connecting with you! Brian at bletzter@howdowe.org | Mike at manderson@howdowe.org

HowDoWe, Inc.


HowDoWe, Inc.


Start your day on the right foot with Lumosity’s brain training games and gear up for the mental juggling act of the classroom. Teach For America has partnered with Lumosity to provide a year-long premium subscription to all teachers!

  1. Go here
  2. Click  "Activate"
  3. Create a new account using your school-issued or TFA-issued email address*
  4. Begin your brain training journey!
*Registration using your school-issued or TFA-issued email address is required for the 1-year gift subscription to be applied.

Arete Advocates

I am excited to announce the launch of Arete Advocates! We specialize in working with education non-profits to evaluate their current practices, conduct strategic planning, and provide leadership and project management coaching. In sum, we help organizations determine what their goals are -- and provide the strategy and support needed to attain them. I would love to connect with you on how Arete Advocates can support your organization. Email me (anne@areteadvocates) today for your free consultation.



Student Resources

Galileo Learning

Financial Assistance to Summer Camp for Deserving Families. Galileo is a weekly summer day-camp with curriculum focused on being innovative for pre-K through 8th graders in the Bay Area, LA, and Chicagoland. Campers love it and come away with a valuable mindset of being innovative and fearless problem solvers.



Schedule a one on one with us !

LEE provides leadership development for TFA corps members and alumni. Our goals is to help position you to lead and dismantle inequitable education systems and practices. To learn more about our programs and supports schedule and appointment with Lildella Douglas here, or email her at Lildella.Douglas@educationalequity.org.

Local School Council (LSC) Elected Leadership

Are you interested in running for your LSC, or getting first hand campaign and get out the vote experience, by supporting another LSC candidate? Your community and school needs your leadership! Contact Diana Bonete at Diana.Bonete@educationalequity.org for more information.

Leadership for Education Equity

Teacher Resources

Teach Plus

Teach Plus Chicago is thrilled to announce the launch of our 2018-19 Change Agent program! Change Agent creates a unique opportunity–empowering teachers like you to lead school-based efforts to address a problem that affects students across your school.

To apply to this program, a teacher and principal co-identify an issue within their school that affects teacher practice and student outcomes in an academic area and aligns to the schoolwide priorities. Once selected, this teacher becomes a Teach Plus teacher leader (TL), joining the Change Agent cohort with TLs from other selected schools. Teach Plus will support the Change Agent TL in tackling their problem throughout the school year, through leadership training and individual monthly coaching. In recognition of their time and effort, Teach Plus will also award all participating Change Agents a $2,500 stipend.

At this moment, we are targeting TLs from Chicago schools (both charter and district) with a SQRP rating of 2, 2+, or 1 within the last two years, with a student population of at least 75% free or reduced lunch. If your school fits these requirements, we welcome a teacher (with the support of his/her principal) to apply to the Change Agent program!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Kristen Ciciora: kciciora@teachplus.org from Teach Plus directly.




This document is meant to provide a list of resources for educators, school support staff, service providers, and administrators who work with students in marginalized communities.

Please share any of the resources below with your networks. If you’re interested in adding additional resources, please email viridiana.carrizales@teachforamerica.org and sarah.ha@teachforamerica.org.  

Supporting ALL Students Resource Center





Get a free month on Albert, an interactive practice site for the APs, SAT, ACT, and Common Core content! Apply here!



Classkick is a free app designed to support teachers in increasing student outcomes. We are a company that believes in improving student outcomes through individualizing and increasing the frequency of feedback loops. As many former teachers ourselves, we understand the difficulty of creating classroom environments where students receive personalized and immediate feedback. This is why our co-founders developed the app! We would love to meet with current teachers who have access to technology (Chromebooks, iPads, computers, etc.) and are interested in improving student learning through the use of our app.

Please email cailie@classkick.com if you are interested in setting up a meeting or time to hear more about Classkick. www.classkick.com