Mapping your Financial Transition to the Corps



your financial transition to the corps: Transitional Grants and Loans 

In addition to testing and certification, one of the most important pieces of your transition is planning for the financial transition of joining the corps. While Teach For America is not able to provide financial advice, as we are not financial advisors, we have pulled together resources and alumni tips that will assist you in planning for your transition. Teach For America covers many of your major expenses during summer training (e.g. food, housing) for all corps members. We also offer a Need-Based program to help you with some of your transition expenses, this is called Transitional Grants and Loans. Packages are offered based on a corps member’s demonstrated need and the cost of transitioning to your assigned region. Please check your Applicant Center under the Transitional Funding tab to learn more about Need-Based Transitional Funding and how to apply.

The Regional Assistance Fund

In addition to Transitional Grants and Loans we also have micro-grants available via our Regional Assistance Fund (RAF). Whereas Transitional Grants and Loans (TGL) is available to help you with your transition to Summer Training and beyond (May-August 2019), the RAF is designed to help you with some of the upfront onboarding costs (e.g. costs incurred between when you accept your offer and May 2019).  If you would like to learn more about a RAF grant please click the link below:

Financial Transition.JPG