Summer Training Prework

This page is where you'll find all of the Summer Training Pre-Work you're responsible for completing before the first day of Summer Training. More information will be shared here shortly and you will be notified of any upcoming action items and due dates in your Onboarding Blast. Stay tuned for more!


Corps member leave requests

Tuesday, May 29, 4PM CST I Corps members are expected to attend every day of Summer Training.  In rare/emergency situations or extremely compelling personal situations, corps members may apply for up to one absence.  Please read the Corps Member Leave Request Policy and if you need to request an excused absence, complete the survey inside by Tuesday, May 29 at 4PM CST.  Questions? Reach out to Christina Fissori on Slack. 


Summer Training Prework 

Sunday, June 10, 11:59PM CST I This prework is a collection of reflection pieces, articles, videos, and stories. We hope this plants the seed and gets you reflecting about this work in new ways.
Before you get started: 

  • We estimate the prework to take about 10 hours to complete, which is why we are sending it about a month before it is due on June 10th.
  • You should plan to work through this at your own pace. Some will find it easiest to do in one sitting, while others may choose to finish it over a few days or weeks.
  • It is meant to incorporate your expression style—you may record and upload videos and submit the links for your reflections; you may write a poem or share a personal essay—however you choose to reflect, please ensure it’s captured in the Submission Form (see below).

Once you’re ready to begin: 

  1. Download the prework package here. This package houses all of the required content and guiding questions you’ll engage with.New Addition: 
    • NEW! Additional reading:  "But That’s Just Good Teaching! The Case for Culturally Relevant Pedagogy" by Gloria Ladson-Billings // In this article from the journal Theory Into Practice, Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings lays out some foundational thinking for a Culturally Relevant Pedagogy central to the academic success of African American students and other children who have not been served well by our nation’s public schools. <this has been added to the Submission Form but has not been added to the prework document, so please reference it here>
    • On "Isolating Race: Intersectionality and Cultural Layering" 
      by Glenn E. Singleton" -
      It has come to our attention the link to this reading is broken. We are working with our team to see if we can get a copy of this material, but due to copyright law we are making sure we do our due diligence here. Please skip this section for now.
    • Need the prework in a downloadable format? We've turned both the prework itself and the Submission form into a PDF. 
      • Download the full prework in PDF format here
      • Download the full submissions form in PDF format here
  2. Once you’re ready to submit your reflections, open the Prework Submissions Form here. Enter all your reflections accordingly in the form and once you’re done, hit ‘Submit’ to record your answers.

All prework submissions are due in full by 11:59pm CST on Sunday, June 10th. You will need to have a copy of your prework for Week 1. Your Summer Training team will be reading and responding to your reflections during the week.