Preparing for Summer Training

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This page is where you'll find all of the information and resources you’ll need to prepare for Summer Training. You’ll also find your Summer Training pre-work here. We will continue to update this page throughout Winter and Spring 2019. You’ll be notified of any upcoming action items and due dates in your Onboarding Blast. Stay tuned for more!

MicroLearning Videos are below.

SUmmer training schedule

June 17: Registration Day!

  • Come meet your fellow 2019 Corps Members, sign-in, get some TFA swag, and begin your journey as a leader in Chicago-Northwest Indiana

June 18-20: Induction Week

  • Your welcoming experience to Teach For America Chicago-Northwest Indiana. We’ll engage with community partners, explore Teach For America’s Theory of Leadership, and build relationships with each other.

June 21: Introduction to Summer Training & Partnerships, Interview Day

  • You’ll meet your University Partner and learn more about your next steps in Summer Training. In the afternoon we’ll host an Interview Day with schools for Corps Members still needing to be hired.

June 24-28: Content Week

  • You’ll start setting your foundation as a teacher by working with your coaches and fellow Corps Members who teach the same content. You’ll model classroom management, rehearse lessons, and start preparing for the first day of Summer School.

July 1-26: Summer School Teaching (note, you will have July 4th off and July 5th is TFA Day, an opportunity for you to practice self-care by taking care of what you need to take care of: searching for an apartment, meeting with a therapist, getting some much-needed rest, etc.)

  • Your first experiences in the classroom. You’ll be teaching in the morning and then reflecting/practicing with coaches. In the afternoon you’ll engage in Seminar to analyze how your identity plays out in the classroom and how to make sure your classroom is culturally responsive to your students.

July 29-30: Post-Teaching Time

  • After you finish teaching Summer School we will transition to thinking about your first day of school in your own classroom. You’ll celebrate your growth over the summer and then meet your 1st year coach. You’ll attend sessions with your University Partner and AmeriCorps orientation.

Summer Training MicroLearning Videos

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We’re excited to roll out our NEW Summer Training MicroLearning Videos starting in February! These videos will be short clips explaining more about what you’ll experience this summer. The videos will feature a range of voices, from coaches to Corps Members to students, and will help you build knowledge around the day to day expectations of Summer Training, the implications on your development as a teacher, and provide you information for decision making as it pertains to Summer Training.

Video Release Schedule:

  • February 22: Why Summer Training? See below!

  • March 15: What is Summer Training Part 1 & 2 See below!

  • April 1: Life @ Summer Training

  • May 15: How to Prepare for Summer Training, Summer Training Tips & Tricks

Each video will be accompanied by a required Check for Understanding Quiz. The quiz will be short, only a couple of questions, but will help us know what gaps in information about Summer Training we need to address.

Microlearning video #1: Why Summer training?

A look into why Summer Training is so important as a Teach For America Chicago-Northwest Indiana Corps Member. You'll hear from TFA staff, coaches, Corps Members, and our students about how your Summer Training experience will be difficult, but so very important for your leadership development.

If you would prefer to read the information instead of watching the video please find the transcript here.

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microlearning video #2: What is Summer training part 2

We'll take a look into the different parts of your Summer Training experience. We'll also talk about how we'll communicate with you over the summer and the surveys you'll complete to give us incredibly valuable feedback.

If you would prefer to read the information instead of watching the video please find the transcript here.

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Microlearning video #3: What is Summer training part 2

In Part 2 of Summer Training we'll take a deeper look at your summer school placements & collabs, your content week, and your teaching time experience.

If you would prefer to read the information instead of watching the video please find the transcript here.

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Summer Training Information Manual

Want to know more about Summer Training 2019 and what your life will be like? Check here for more information about the experience and logistics! Please note, logistics are subject to change as we continue planning and preparing for Summer Training.


Corps Member Leave Request Policy & Request Form

Given the pace of Summer Training and our desire to make sure every corps member takes full advantage of the training opportunity and is adequately prepared to teach at their placement school, our expectation is that every corps member attends every day of Summer Training.

We also realize that corps members may have important events that overlap with the training schedule. In an effort to strike a balance between the two, we have developed a policy that strives to respect personal commitments while maximizing training over the summer.  

Please read the Corps Member Leave Request Policy and if need be, complete the Leave Request Form by Friday, May 31.