Final schedules are coming soon! Our Induction Week Committee and Content Week Committee are working hard to finalize all the details for your first couple weeks of Summer Training. We know you're excited to get started and plan ahead, so check back for the full schedule soon. In the meantime, check out an itinerary of what a normal day looks like during the different parts of Summer Training. For more information about special events taking place this week, check out the Events tab of the Summer Training Hub!

Registration Day | Tuesday, June 12, 11am-5pm, University of Illinois Chicago, Student Center East Building, 750 S. Halsted, Chicago, IL 60607

Your first official experience at Summer Training as a member of Teach For America! Come sign in, get your nametag and t-shirt, complete required documentation for the summer, and most importantly, meet everyone for the first time! Registration Day is come and go as you please once you complete your stations. During the evening there will be a Welcome Dinner for corps members and staff. Check the Events tab for more information on that. 

Induction Week | Wednesday, June 13-Tuesday, June 19, University of Illinois Chicago

Induction Week is the time to begin building relationships and culture as a Teach For America corps members. We will begin to introduce what it means to be a corps members, the core values we live into, and how we play a role in dismantling systems of oppression that create the educational equity in Chicago-Northwest Indiana. Your day will last from 9am-5pm (for the majority of the days) and will include a variety of sessions that have you reflect on your experiences, engage with members of TFA and the broader communities, and get to know our region. All sessions will be held on UIC's campus. 

Find the Induction Week Schedule here!

Content Week | Wednesday, June 20-Monday, June 25, University of Illinois Chicago

Content Week is when you begin preparing to teach summer school by developing your practice: gaining instructional knowledge, creating materials and content, planning, rehearsing for your first few days with students, etc. You will be introduced to your summer coaches and school site, as well as building culture for the first day of summer school! Your day will last from 8am-5pm. 

Find the Induction Week Schedule here

Summer School | Tuesday, June 26-Wednesday, July 25, Chicago Public Schools

You're now a teacher! During this period, you'll teach your summer school students and engage in professional development around instructional skills, leadership, and social justice and equity. Each day you'll be teaching a lesson, working with an execution coach on your teaching skills for that lesson, planning lessons with your content coach, and working with a seminar leader to make sure your classroom is a culturally responsive environment for your students. 

Post-Teaching Development | Thursday, July 26-Monday, July 30

So, you just learned a lot in your Summer Training context. How are you going to translate that to your full-time placement context, which is likely very, very different? These days are set up to help you make that transition. You will meet your full-time coach for your first year in the classroom, engage in orientations for your University Partner and AmeriCorps, and celebrate all that you've accomplished throughout Summer Training!