Transcript Policy



Sending in transcripts is a critical part of the Onboarding process and contributes to your ability to be licensed and receive your first pay-check. Please read through the transcript policy below carefully and if you have any questions please reach out to your University Partner or to the Onboarding Team.

Transcripts you will send to your University Partner

  • An official degree baring transcript. This must be mailed directly from your graduating institution. Please confirm with your University Partner if they will accept an electronic copy.

  • Any official transcripts from any/all transfer credits taken. These also must be delivered in an official/sealed envelope from the institution you took courses at. Please confirm with your University Partner if they will accept an electronic copy.

    • Even if your transfer credits appear on your degree baring transcript you still must send in official copies from the institution where those transfer credits were taken. Please reach out to your University Partner if you have any questions. 

  • Official transcript(s) from your study abroad institution (if you studied abroad). In some instances these may not be needed, please confirm with your University Partner if you need to take this step before ordering anything. 

Transcripts you will bring with you to Summer Training

  • 1 copy of your official degree baring transcript in a sealed envelope. You will hold on to this copy as your school will likely need it to process your hire and ensure you get your first pay check. Not having a copy of your transcript on hand can lead to delays in your hiring process and/or ability to be paid so it is critical you take this step.

    • You do not need to bring transfer or study abroad credits, those will only go to your University Partner. 

    • If you are hired before Summer Training you can confirm with your school if they need a transcript. If you are hired at a Chicago Public School (CPS) or in an ECE Community Based Organization (CBO) you will need a sealed copy of your transcript. If you are hired at a Charter School it can depend, please confirm with your school before ordering a copy. 

    • If you will not receive your degree confirmed transcript until late June/July please let us know and take steps to ensure that it is ordered as soon as it is available. 



Per Illinois and Indiana state licensing laws you must graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. This GPA will be calculated factoring in ALL transfer credits, even credits that do not appear on your degree baring transcript. If you have concerns that your cumulative GPA might be below a 3.0 please reach out to the Onboarding Team immediately as this would prevent you from getting licensed and teaching on the first day of school.