University Partners



University Partners are the certifying bodies for your teacher license, they also play a key roll in your ongoing development as a teacher-leader. Enrolling and remaining in good standing with your graduate program is a requirement both for certification and Teach For America. Illinois State law requires that anyone seeking a teaching license through an alternative certification program take two years of coursework leading to a Masters of Teaching degree (MAT). However, in Indiana the process is different. Indiana State law only requires one year of course work leading to your Initial License (no Master Degree).

Calumet College of St. Joseph

If you are hired in Northwest Indiana, or are not hired but know you will be teaching there, you will attend Calumet College of St. Joseph

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Relay Graduate School of Education

If you are teaching Elementary, Middle School, High School or Diverse Learning in Illinois you will attend Relay. 

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We are in the final phases of solidifying our Early Childhood Education partner for the 2019 corps. Once that contract is signed we can share with you detailed information about who the partner is and what your time with them will look like! What we can share now is that:

  • tuition will be approximately $18,929 in total (pre-AmeriCorps award).

  • the program will be 2 years

  • you will receive both your Professional Educators Licesnse and your Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT)