Role overview

The Role We Play We build and maintain strong relationships with school leaders within Chicago and Northwest Indiana communities, in order to help make the hiring process as smooth as possible for you. This means we’ll be the ones sourcing available teaching positions and you won’t have to! As a reminder, Chicago and Indiana school systems are a decentralized hiring landscape, meaning school leaders have full autonomy to hire who they want. That means that TFA does not “place” you in a school – instead, you will interview with school leaders, who have the ultimate decision on who they want to hire. But don’t worry, our goal is that 100% of corps members are hired by the first day of school, and we have met this goal, with very few exceptions, for many years.

The Role You Play We want to work with you to make sure that we’re facilitating the best school match possible. Throughout Onboarding, you will:

  • Create a resume that highlights your experience relevant to teaching with our support

  • Learn more about our regional landscape through other required activities

  • Follow all processes and procedures that outlined below

The Process

  1. You will take steps to become interview ready. Then, you participate in Interview Weeks until you are hired. These will occur virtually in April and May, and in person during the first week of Summer Training in June.

  2. At the end of each Interview Experience, you will rank the schools with who you interviewed.

  3. We, then, match you with a school using the rankings you provided as well as rankings from our school partners.

  4. If you are not hired by the end of our final interview experience in June, then your interviewing processes will be customized to your specific situation/needs in June, July, and August which includes our first-offer policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can I apply to teaching positions or reach out to schools on my own?

No. We work throughout the year to develop partnerships with schools in our region—there are many aspects of being a partner with Teach For America, which requires that our team develop a relationship with the school’s leader.

+ When will I be hired?

It depends—our corps members have been hired at any point from May through September. However, our team has a long history of ensuring that every corps member is hired in time for the first day of school.

+ What percentage of corps members teacher in charter schools or traditional schools?

For the last few years, the corps has roughly been approximately 50% in charter schools, 40% in district schools, and 10% in community based early childhood centers. However, those percentages are approximate and may change this year.

+ How many Interview Experiences will I be a part of?

It depends on two things: a) When you become interview ready and b) When you are hired. If you are matched with a school during your first interview week, then you will not need to attend any more interview weeks. If you are not matched, then you will continue to attend Interview Experiences or special summer training interview opportunities until you are hired.

Employment Verification Letters

You can now access a personalized employment verification letter that states you will be employed as a teacher making a minimum salary of $38,000 as we do not yet know specific school placements for all corps members. This letter is helpful when looking for housing and needing to verify your employment or salary.  If you need something specific, please reach out to Ryan directly via Slack.


1.) Open and download the document to your computer.

2.) Open the PDF and find your personalized verification letter (CTRL "F" and then your last name may be an easy way to find it but they are alphabetical by last name)

3.) Print just your page to a PDF when searching for different printers (if your computer has this option).  It will save just the page ("Print Current Page") as a PDF on your computer.   

4.) Save it as a PDF.