What's happening in Chicago-Northwest Indiana?

You started with two years and it turned into a lifetime

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Teach For America is the kids you impact. The deep connections you make. The meaningful careers you pursue. Donate today to support our movement to expand educational opportunities for all kids by developing more leaders like you.

All donations made by Giving Tuesday (November 27) of $10+ will be matched at least dollar for dollar by the TFA National Board. If you've never given before or you enroll in monthly giving, your entire annual gift will be tripled with a 2-to-1 match.

It was never about two years. This is the work of a lifetime. Donate to the Alumni Challenge TODAY.


Looking for Employment Opportunities?

Check out the Job Board with opportunities shared via external partners and through TFA.

Please note that we will begin phasing this out as partners and employers migrate to TFA Connect BETA

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TFA Connect BETA is our organization's new platform for alumni, corps members to find each other, build community, and connect with impactful career opportunities. Join over 1000 alumni from across the country who have already joined by signing into your TFA account, clicking TFA Apps at the top right, and clicking TFA Connect Beta.

How to Join TFA Connect BETA:

  • Sign on TFA Connect BETA through the Teach For America site

  • Use your email to log on (Chrome recommended for best performance)

  • At the top right side, under “TFA Apps,” click the TFA Connect BETA icon

  • Create a personal profile

  •  Join our Chicago-Northwest Indiana Regional Page

  • Start connecting with other members of the TFA network and searching for jobs

  • Questions? Email TFAConnectBETA@teachforamerica.org

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